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Working in partnership with independent UK
and international schools to provide the full range of
careers education and development support for their students
Council of Trustees
for the Inspiring Futures Foundation
Chairman: M E Hicks, MSc, DPhil
Hon Treasurer: R Vevers
Ms W Berliner
P Greatrix
C W Conway
K Richardson
M Elms
J Spence
Prof D Eyre
Chief Executive: Mrs V Isaac
Who to ask for information and help
Contact the Area or Regional Director for your area (see below) or the Information Helpline on 01491 820382
For further information on The Inspiring Futures Foundation or on Inspiring Futures Careers (now a part of the GTI Group) please contact:
Chief Executive: Virginia Isaac (email: v.isaac@inspiringfutures.org.uk, tel: 01491 820392)
Purpose and Aims
The Inspiring Futures Foundation is a not-for-profit, careers guidance organisation. It exists to help young people make decisions and develop skills which maximize their potential, enhance their employment opportunities and allow them to make a fulfilling contribution to the world in which they live. IFF oversees a School Careers Award Scheme that provides free careers support for aspiring pupils from low-income schools.
In order to do this, Inspiring Futures works with like-minded people and organisations to provide expert careers guidance, innovative learning resources and personal skills training to young people from all backgrounds, particularly those entering higher education.
Inspiring Futures Membership for independent and international schools provides a range of careers and higher education related services to complement and reinforce school programmes with impartial and professional expertise.
Services also include Futurewise, a personalised careers guidance programme for students aged 15 to 23. The web-based psychometric profile and one-to-one interview is followed by a wealth of resources and support for the student helping them with subject choices, routes to HE and alternative pathways to a career. The programme is flexible making it suitable for easy lesson planning. Futurewise courses and training events for students and a range of professional services to support independent schools’ careers staff are also offered.
Inspiring Futures Careers: Area and Regional Directors
Scotland & Ireland
Area Director:
Margaret Graham (Tel: 07717 530459;
email: margaret.graham@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
E Scotland:
Jane Ambrose (Tel: 07887 758166;
email: jane.ambrose@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
N Scotland & Central Scotland:
David Chapman (Tel: 07387 091078;
email: david.chapman@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
W Scotland:
Margaret Graham (Tel: 07717 530459;
email: margaret.graham@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
England & Wales
North, North East & Midlands
Area Director:
Sarah Frend (Tel: 07525 805007;
email: sarah.frend@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
Shropshire & Midlands:
Sally Hayward (Tel: 07887 758649;
email: sally.hayward@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
North West & Yorkshire:
Mike Parker-Cook (Tel: 07702 297558;
email: michael.parker-cook@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
Kate Coles (Tel: 07717 468074;
email: kate.coles@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
London & South East
Area Director:
Emma-Marie Fry (Tel: 07702 226271;
email: emma-marie.fry@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
Sussex, Kent
Hampshire & Surrey:
Elizabeth Armstrong (Tel: 07909 972769;
email: elizabeth.armstrtong@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
South London & Surrey:
Emma Paton (Tel: 07734 569968;
email: emma.paton@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
North London & Herts:
Helen Barham (Tel: 07917 712603;
email: hel.barham@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
South West
Area Director:
Mark Smith (Tel: 07736 821284;
email: mark.smith@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
South West:
Vicki MacDonald (Tel: 07717 496523;
email: vicki.macdonald@inspiringfutures.org.uk)
Area Director:
Mark Smith (Tel: 07736 821284;
email: mark.smith@inspiringfutures.org.uk)